Who Am I Listening To: Pip Millet

It may be the middle of the week, we get it your busy and probably stressed out but get your lazy Sunday vibes on with Pip Millet.

For those who don’t know, Pip Millet is a Manchester-born neo-soul R&B singer-songwriter you need to keep your ears tuned into.

Millet started playing bass guitar when she was 14 and then switched to playing electric guitar to play and sing together but her lyricism started much younger in the form of poetry.

Citing Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley as being a prodigious influence of her music evolution.

Already having a slew of tunes in her music bank, with many tunes particularly touching on the often hidden complexities and layers of mental health.

Establishing her networks and working hard to pave her way and penning songs on issues that matter, Millet has worked to continuously hone her craft with producers and musicians, including Lester Duval and Josh Crocker.

‘Make Me Cry’ is a vulnerable yet zestful track on self-love and healing penned by her deeply personal lyricism just vague enough to make sense of.

Written with her boyfriend in mind, ‘Talk About It’ is a rather surprisingly upbeat yet moving song, unafraid to bring to light a very present thing in many people’s lives but explored so little in music, mental health.

Millet described the song to HUNGER TV as outlining how “people express their own mental health issues in different ways so there’s a never a right way to handle it. I’m hoping that honesty might bring a bit of comfort to others.”

Go on, start adding some Pip Millet onto your iTunes playlist right here.

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