OneMusic Australia launches new music license for business

If you play groovy tunes at your cafe or business store on the daily then you may need to grab your glasses and read this before you get fined.

OneMusic Australia, APRA, AMCOS and PPCA’s have aligned to create a new joint public performance licensing system which kicks off in full force from today.

This means many pubs, cafes, clubs and storefronts with certification PPCA & APRA stickers on their front doors allowing them to play music publicly, can now be replaced by a OneMusic sticker.

Essentially the new licensing system is a two-for-one, one-stop license covering a huge collation of music, most of which was previously covered in the original licences.

Given the current complexity of music licensing many have claimed this is a step forward in untangling the process.

“OneMusic will make compliance easier and make sure rights holders are fully enumerated for both rights when their music is played in public,” said APRA AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston.

Getting a tick of approval from us, these licenses are crucial towards ensuring the rights of songwriters, composers, music publishers and recording artists are appropriately compensated.

So, how do I know if the license applies to me?

In case you didn’t know, playing licensed music in a “business setting” without a proper license is illegal and if you don’t cover yourself, you can get into serious trouble.

Last year, a Melbourne cafe owner was ordered to pay almost $200,000 in damages for playing popular tunes, like The Beatles, in the venue without paying the proper licensing fees.

According to APRA there are more than 100,000 premises across Australia that use music as part of their commercial activities.

So, essentially anywhere you can hear tunes and see work the license applies.

You have have a business but no license, how does the license payment work?

First of all it’s important you only pay for the license type your venue requires as the rates vary according to the size of your venue.

OneMusic usually issue quarterly invoices for accounts that have licence fees exceeding $500 per year.

We understand times are tough, so if it’s a bit of tight squeeze businesses can request a payment extension by simply contact OneMusic.

Need more clarification, jump on OneMusic for all the extra deets and to determine the license that will best fit you.

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