Top 5 Tracks from Chris Brown’s ‘Indigo’ Album

Chris Brown rejuvenates us heading into the second half of the year bringing love, light and a boost of stimulating energy with ‘Indigo’.

Following up from his second double-album, ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ (2017), just last week Chris Brown dropped his ninth-studio album, ‘Indigo’.

Leading up to its imminent release, six singles were pre-released including the likes of ‘Undecided’, ‘Back to Love’, ‘Wobble Up’ and ‘No Guidance’ to name a few.

To anyone who say’s album art is dying, Chris Brown proves you wrong.

The epic cover art for the album combines the talents of graffiti artist Saturno and visual artist Jeff Cole. From back to front, the enchanting album art features a purple-haired Chris Brown surrounded by a collection of monsters and supernatural themes.

The album is a treat in itself featuring a whopping 32-tracks. So, we hand-picked our favourite top five tracks from the album you need to hear.

‘Indigo’ sets the scene for the record ahead being centred around listening to your spiritual connection and intuition. The song is definitely made to be listened to at night. With its radiating supernatural, glowing sentiment articulated through the subtle keyboard synth pulsing in the distance with a booming beat and high-pitch ‘Wii background music type’ violin chiming in. Brown’s smooth vocal runs and key changes add so much raw flavour to the magical soundscape.

Brown connects with fellow R&B singer H.E.R. on ‘Come Together’. Marking their second collaboration, this is a crooning duet telling the need for their own respective love interests to join their company. The clever contrast of an up-tempo ticking with a healing bass instrumental is restrained by Brown’s casual vocals. Brown constantly experiments with the different layers and textures of his voice throughout, in true artistic style. Then, the effortless harmonisation of the duo’s voices creates a soulful tone, balanced carefully, to create a love-charged track. 

An instant favourite, ‘Temporary Lover’ featuring Lil Jon hits you like gold right from the start with the classic Alicia Meyers ‘I Want to Thank you’ sample. A ‘feel-good’ tune that just makes you want to get up and dance under a glistening disco ball. It wouldn’t be a Chris Brown album without a sleek party track like this one, standing out with its zappy synth and spontaneous break-downs.

 ‘Need A Stack’ featuring Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas is a bumper up-tempo track. To be honest I was kind of waiting for a bouncy, dance track like this to pop up on the record. The trio’s highly-anticipated collaboration is satisfyingly fulfilled in this ego-fuelled track, definitely a track that would get you hyped for a workout. 

Finally, ‘Don’t Check On Me’ featuring Justin Bieber is where Brown tones it down and takes the record at a more slower pace where it’s all about the lyrics. Resonating a more mellow, acoustic vibe as Brown reflects on letting go of a past relationship peacefully. Establishing their fifth collaboration, Justin Bieber further adds to the sentiment of the track, as well as a sprinkle of vocal talent from Ink. All together they create a faultless emotional soundscape that hits you right in the feels.

Go grab your copy of ‘Indigo’ on Apple iTunes or Spotify.



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