Lessons from Dreamville’s NEW Documentary

J. Cole has dropped ‘REVENGE: A Dreamville Film’ documentary giving a glimpse of the creation process of his impending album release today.

The new 30-minute video catalogues the sounds, experiences, creative and competitive processes seen and heard in Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studio during recording earlier this year.

Giving a rare sneak peek inside the full creative process of the upcoming ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’ album, involving a 10-day intensive rap camp combining Dreamville artists, in-house producers and accomplished outside artists.

Cole brought in a tight genius team brimming with Dreamville talent plus the artistry of Ludacris, TI, Tip, Wale, Reason, Rick Ross and plenty more.

“I had this idea,

“Let’s go somewhere, lock-in and invite a bunch of outside producers and artists to come f*** with us and just make this album,” said J Cole.

Just from watching the doco, you can already sense this album is going to excel.

One thing you take from this doco is how these collaborative sessions bred natural competition, it was a cut-throat environment where first impressions mattered.

“You gotta find your spot, whether that’s writing or making a beat because there’s so many people coming through and these spots get snatched up.

Within 30 minutes they might all be taken,” said Dreamville’s Omen.

Consequently, these ‘cut-throat’ sessions bred top-class musical talent as upcoming rappers and producers where under the same roof as world-class musical talent.

It’s this type of innovative recording that opens up a new, more inclusive and empowering music production environment that breaks boundaries.

As Cole describes towards the end of the documentary, for a lot of these underground mega-talented producers and musicians it can be very easy to lose hope.

But it’s these types of collective production spaces that blurs the boundaries of our understanding of the producer and vocalist, giving the world a real understanding of the actual process it takes to craft a piece of music.

Cole concludes the video saying that the real life-blood of music are these unheard-of producers, who don’t always perhaps get the recognition they deserve but this new platform empowers them and everyone involved.

Stay tuned for our Review on ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’ dropping Monday.

‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’ is out JULY 5 on Dreamville.


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