TIDAL new enhanced credits puts spotlight on all musicians


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Photo: TIDAL

How many people does it take to write a hit song?

Now you’ll be able to tell the ‘who’s who’ behind the record at the click of a button, so forget endlessly scavenging around the internet to find out who produced that sizzlin’ beat or sung that soulful harmony.

Just last week global music and entertainment streaming platform, TIDAL announced the release of a premiere interactive credits page shedding a light of the unsung heroes of music.

What does this mean?

The enhanced features illuminates those that play a pivotal role in bringing your favourite songs to life.

TIDAL members can now explore everyone, from the unheralded background singers and lyricists, to the producers and mixing engineers.

At the simple tap of a button, users can select the roles under the artist’s name or scroll down to take a peek at the artist’s “enhanced credits” section. You can even filter the songs only the artist has contributed towards as songwriter, composes and so on.

This innovative feature is just the first step in creating an ecosystem where all contributors of the music making process are recognised.

Listeners can now appreciate music in new ways, advancing all those involved in the music production process by creating a platform that benefits both the artist and user. Inspiring us all to engage more deeply towards understanding and appreciating the music we listen to all day every day.

“As a music streaming service and culture hub, it is important to acknowledge that music is a team sport – it takes a talented crew of sound engineers, lyricists and band members to make a song stick.

“We recognise the challenges ahead in creating a thorough and extensive catalogue, but we are excited to take this important step,” TIDAL Culture & Content SVP Tony Gervino said.

The new credits pages are available for all TIDAL members across the desktop, web and mobile app. Click here for more.


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