Songs that can boost your productivity

Forget music being labelled as a distraction at work, it actually can help you perform better.

A MusicWorks study indicated that listening to music at work may actually do more good than bad, boosting morale, satisfaction and productivity.

The study found 90 per cent of workers performed better when listening to music and 88 per cent of employees produce more accurate work when listening to some sweet tunes

If you really improve your productivity, then you need to make sure your listening to the right music. This means aligning your playlist to your daily tasks to make the day tick along that bit quicker.

Choose dance music to improve proofreading those tedious reports or scanning through those endless emails.

Increase your data entry accuracy by 92 per cent by plugging into more ambient tunes.

Reduce your mistakes by adding some classical or pop music into your playlist.

Just simply listening to music can also significantly improve your health and wellbeing. It’s been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, improves your immunity, aids memory and increases motivation.

Here are our final tips when it comes to picking that perfect productivity playlist.

  1. When learning new information try to avoid music with lyrics, as this can often be a distraction.
  2. If your work requires deep focus, it’s best to listen to more familiar tunes.
  3. If your job requires verbal communication, choose music without lyrics.

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