How To Buy Tickets Before They Sell Out: Conquering Ticketmaster

We know the devastation that comes from trying to score some valuable concert tickets amongst a sea of avid fans. But if you can plan ahead with these tips, we guarantee you’ll have that golden ticket in your hands in no time.


It’s probably a good plan to join the Facebook event page for all the latest updates in the lead up to the ticket sale day, the page will usually provide you with important presale information.

You probably want to make sure you’ve created a Ticketmaster or Live Nation account.

Don’t be the person that loses out because of a simple delay like forgetting to sign up for an account, make sure all your details are correct, especially your email and bank details.

Then download the ticket providers mobile app as soon as possible, usually it’s faster and more efficient than the traditional webpage.


Log in well ahead of time, at an absolute minimum be ready at least 15 minutes before the sale begins.

Speed matters when it comes to buying tickets so that’s why practising is vital. This means getting familiar with site navigation, prices and seating before so you can speed through that checkout before the tickets run out.

If you feel tempted to use another browser stick to one only and most importantly do not refresh the page.


Use the cart to call dibs but keep searching while you have some tickets secured as a back-up but keep your eye on the clock as you will only have around three minutes.

Never believe a show is actually sold out. Sometimes, if you search later the next day you can actually get lucky.


Dip your toes in the Ticketmaster Resale site, just make sure its legit before you click buy.

Take a peek at the Facebook event, many people in your area can offer to sell tickets at reduced or similar prices and may even offer to drop them off for you.

Finally, be looped up in all the socials by keeping an eye out for prizes and giveaway competitions offered by radio stations or even the artists themselves.


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