Throwback Tuesday: Ta-ku ’50 Days for Dilla Vol 1′ Album

Released in 2012 with a lush 25 tracks, Ta-ku’s ’50 Days for Dilla Vol. 1′ was one record leaving an unfading impression.

Inspired by the signature sounds of the late James Dewitt Yancey, better known as J Dilla renowned as the ‘godfather of the modern beat’, Australian producer Ta-ku produced a track each day for 50 days in dedication.

Mixing a signature crafted sampling, sequencing and beat programming techniques he collated over the years.

Each song was deliberately made to embody the very essence of the ‘Dilla Sound’ adored by many fans around the globe while showcasing Ta-ku’s ‘eclectic production process’.

Released under HW&W Recordings, the ’50 Days for Dilla (Vol 1.)’ vinyl record sold out within six hours of release.

In a VICE interview, Ta-ku delved into some insights on the creation of the record.

“Working a full time job, I always found it hard to find time to make music,” he said.

So he gave himself a goal to produce a beat a day for 50 days which birthed into a fully-fledged retro, hip-hop record.

Quench your J Dilla thirst by listening to ’50 Days for Dilla Vol 1′ below.





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