One-on-One with Sam Bluer on New Single ‘Naughty’

Sam Bluer is back breaking taboo boundaries in pop with a delicious hybrid dance-floor anthem, ‘Naughty’.

Produced by Sam Sakr and co-written with MUKI and Phebe Starr, the single sheds a light on infidelity and self-sabotage.

Blending UK dance sounds with maximalist Nordic-inspired synths ensures the track maintains its quintessential essence of playful, performative pop.

Debuting on the music scene in 2018 with dance-pop tune, ‘Shift’ co-written with Maribelle and produced by Tigerilla. It was this track that propelled Bluer as a new age symbol of individualism, unafraid to shift the discourse.

Bluer has already dropped a slew of tracks including ‘Body High’ and ‘Bite My Tongue’, asserting himself solidly across the industry.

With almost 3 million streams spanning across his three singles, Bluer has established himself as Australia’s most exciting music prospects.

So we sat down with Sam to chat all things naughty, nice and new.

Kicking things off, what was your earliest memory with music?

Honestly it was listening to P!nk’s ‘Missundaztood’ album non-stop and singing along to ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ having absolutely no understanding of the songs meaning ha.

What sort of artists did you listen to on repeat growing  up?

I was super obsessed with what you’d classify as huge ‘pop stars’ so artists like P!nk, Beyonce, Britney and more – really the holy trinity of pop music.

How would you describe your music?

I’d call it dark pop. Super hooky melody wise with new age / progressive production. I always like writing about uncomfortable situations or scenarios, delving into unique sometimes taboo perspectives on relationships and life itself.

What do you think of the current pop music climate and where its heading?

I think platforms like Spotify have really changed the game for pop music. It’s so easy to find new, up and coming pop acts and it’s super exciting to hear how progressive it’s all sounding. People like Charli XCX, Kim Petras & Tove Lo are the new age pop acts that have been the driving force behind this new wave of pop music and I’m super into it. The landscape is changing for the better and it’s opening doors to a lot more diversity, which is great for listeners to have appropriate representation.

What have been some of your biggest challenges getting started in the industry as a young artist?

There’s honestly so much that goes on behind the scenes that I had no idea about. Just finding the right team to work with can take a long time – I’m very lucky to have found my management and label when I did and they’re all absolute legends, which is great. Sometimes you hear horror stories haha. However, I would say one of my biggest challenges has been creating the type of pop I do in Australia. There’s just not a huge platform for it, which can be difficult and frustrating.

What advice do you have for young emerging pop musicians?

Write a heap. Make crappy demos to show people and hussle like crazy. I saved up, went to LA and Instagram DM’d a heap of producers I could only dream of working with at the time and truthfully it got me in sessions with them. That experience really started this entire journey.

Who is the number one artist you hope to collaborate with in the future?

I have so many!!! I would love to collaborate with Dua Lipa. I’d love to write with Charli XCX, Jesse Saint John and Tove Lo. I’d also die to work with MNEK. He’s so incredibly talented. There’s heaps I can’t name them all haha.

You recently dropped your new single ‘Naughty’ – tell us a bit about why you created the track and how it came about?

Yes! well I was in the studio with Phebe Starr, Muki & Sam Sakr and we had this idea to write a song from a cheaters perspective. Like I said above, I love to write about issues that can be seen as a bit taboo… we started writing what we thought would / could go through the mind of someone who is cheating on their significant other and that’s really how the song came together. We loved how fun the track sounded with such a dark thematic undertone, which we thought was a great juxtaposition.

Any hints or surprises for your future plans and projects?

I’m super excited for what’s coming!!! My new tracks show a different, more vulnerable side to me, so I’m keen to show the world. I think they’ll be a nice contrast to my previous releases like ‘Bite My Tongue’ & ‘Naughty’ – they were just a lot more fun and carefree. This next era delves deeper into my life and experiences and shows more depth and growth. I can’t wait.

Grab your copy of Sam Bluer’s ‘Naughty’ HERE.







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