Through the lens of Emmanuel Whajah

Capturing some of the world’s biggest names, Emmanuel Whajah has a portfolio of sought-after visual content.

“Work hard in silence, Let success be your noise”

At the age of five, Whajah was dancing to Micheal Jackson while shooting and editing his own dance videos for YouTube, it was from there he fell in love with videography and photography.

It wasn’t long before Whajah began to photograph for a number of events and artists as a freelance creative.

“I shot a lot of events with my partner Duc John Nguyen with our company Mazion years ago.

“We shot recap videos a lot and tried to take photos at the same time and that’s how I got into event photography,” Whajah said.

Working with artists and close friends, Les Twins, Rita Ora, A$AP Ferg, Post Malone, Eric Bellinger and Keke Palmer, are just a few of Whajah’s standout career moments.

His dancing experience has also allowed him to shoot projects with Millenium Dance Complex.

“Through my experience I know exactly how every dance move feels and can interpret it visually through my editing.

“Being on tour with Larry and Laurent for over six years, they just know through eye contact that I’m going capture their special moves.

No matter where I am I will make sure to get that moment no matter what” he said.

Whajah believes when shooting each dance video it’s important to tell a story with your visuals.

“As a dancer, you try to tell a story with your body language so I like to cut on the beat every time so you can feel things in the video which you maybe didn’t experience at first.”

Being an independent photographer and videographer is not easy, knowing your worth and knowing who to trust are important to Whajah.

“It can be a struggle being independent and not knowing what tomorrow will bring and if I’m going to get enough clients next month to pay my bills.

“Getting into this industry does appear fun because you get to know a lot of famous artist but at the same time they’re people who want to benefit from your work, so I had to cancel a lot of people through my journey.”

Whajah’s latest project. ‘Divine Beauty’ is dedicated to refreshing our understanding of female beauty in a classic way, presenting femininity unapologetically through his lens.

The Divine Beauty brand is a platform or females around the world who have a voice and aren’t ashamed of who they are and where they come from.

Using a careful selection of purposeful intimate photos ensures the audience can feel each woman’s true beauty.

In a world full of edited and superficial photographs, Whajah prefers to keep it natural.

“I learned through this project that even when the models asked me to edit their footage so they could look perfect, I always keep everything natural and not fake,” he said.

To Whajah, the ‘divinely beautiful’ woman is one who isn’t ashamed of their body and who they are.

“She is a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and has no wish or desire to follow the crowd, she doesn’t try to be anything but herself.”

For those wanting to follow in his footsteps, Emmanuel has a few final words.

“Be consistent and focused on your goal and don’t try to be different, because if you try to be different you end up being the same because everyone is trying to be different, so just be you.”

Check Emmanuel’s website for all his epic visuals.


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