Fletcher ‘You Ruined New York City for Me’ EP: A Review

Fletcher gives us a sobering personal story of love and heartbreak with her new EP ‘You Ruined New York City for Me’.

Heralded as one artist to watch from the likes of PAPER, TIME, Entertainment Weekly and many others.

Cari Elise Fletcher grew up in New Jersey where she polished her verve for music and candid lyricism, Fletcher brings her personal life experiences into the music she creates.

The EP features an admirable production team, featuring executive-producer, Malay who has produced for the likes of Frank Ocean, Lorde and Sam Smith.

The EP’Ss catalogue features Fletcher’s breakout hit, ‘Undrunk’ which earned more than 100 million streams globally, since reaching the number #1 spot on Spotify’s Viral Charts.

For Fletcher, this project was one where she wore her heart on her sleeve.

“It’s been important for me to show myself and others that it’s okay to be both vulnerable and aggressive at the same time.

“Everyone remembers their first love, for better or for worse and I just decided to write about mine… in a very TMI kind of way,” she said.

‘If You’re Gonna Lie’ opens the catalogue with some airy acoustics giving off a contemporary country vibe. The song describes a one-sided, selfish relationship she keeps returning to. Fletcher’s rich vocal tone cleverly distorts the lyrics as she sings, “I’m finishing sentences, but not in a good way”, almost purposefully sounding like she’s saying “finessin’ sentences”. The intensity of the lyrics build into the song’s progression as she sings over, “if you’re gonna lie, at least do it in my bed”.

‘Undrunk’ is about the innate addiction towards love we all have, no matter how dangerous it can sometimes get, we are always drawn to it for so many reasons. Every lyric she sings you can feel. The gentle piano plays along a clapping bass which kicks the song into an up-tempo tune, then retreats to a stripped piano near the end where you can hear her sweet trembling vocals linger on every lyric. Closing with Fletcher perfectly articulating ‘heartbreak’, “I feel like I experienced a death of somebody that changed my whole life, and then just left”.

‘All Love’ starts with Fletcher traversing into more darker elements of her voice moulding nicely into the lyrics, as she sings, “we started out as friends in the lower east, did a couple of drugs at the house parties”. With another repetitive slapping bass line which at this point is particularly resonant with the heavy intermittent pauses. The simple yet effective poetic lyrical composition makes the song flow. Fletcher sings about the challenges of getting over a past lover and hating the feeling of jealousy, trying to tell herself “I hate the feeling, but it’s all love”.

Taking us back in time, ‘About You’ has some hauntingly warped acoustics, twinkling chimes with a heavy thudding bass bouncing in the background. The magical instrumental articulates the sparks of a first love, but Fletcher’s voice makes the reality of the song hit hard. Continuing to play with her different vocal registers and experimenting with some melodious vocal layering allows Fletcher to create this powerfully emotive soundscape full of pain and passion.

Definitely one of those tracks you know is going to make it on the radio, ‘Strangers’ is a classic up-tempo pop heartbreak tune complimented by some snappy claps. An easy sing-a-long type tune, as Fletcher sings, “we started out as strangers, now we’re strangers again”. Fletcher details her experiences of moving on from a relationship and getting used to being at terms and getting used to making sense of a relationship that meant so much before, doesn’t make sense anymore. Reassuring many, they are not alone.

Go get yourself a copy of Fletcher’s EP ‘You Ruined New York City for Me’ HERE.

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