New On The Block: Ramengvrl

Preferring not to be labelled as a rapper, Putri Soehartu, known as Ramengvrl, pushes her pen to impeccably articulate her worldview and challenge female stereotypes.

The brash, bold and unapologetic words are what defines the humble, Ramengvrl, who prefers to use her position of power to tell a strong, meaningful message.

Born in Jakarta, Ramengvrl is not afraid to tell young Indonesian women to be brave and speak up in a country that prefers females to be conservative and ‘play by the rules’.

Laying the foundations for her music career back in 2013, Putri started playing around with words and soon got hooked into the world of poetry which later led to her experimentation with sound.

At first, the assured wordsmith didn’t actually like hip hop, skipping the hype that came along with Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ track.

It wasn’t until she heard the likes of Kanye West and Big Sean expressing social and class struggles in their music that she started to appreciate the hip hop scene more.

Her first debut single, ‘I’m Da Man’ (2016) speaks to those who judged and underestimated her, upon its release the single received much praise and attention from the Indonesian hip hop community.

With a number of power-charged tracks to her name, Ramengvrl won’t be going away anytime soon.

What are you waiting for, go add these scrumptious bangers to your playlist to get that energy boost you know you need.

‘bad minah’ featuring Hullera

 ‘I AM ME’


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