Snoh Aalegra ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’: A Review

A voice alike a contemporary Diana Ross and a classic sound evocative of Amy Winehouse, Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Ugh, Those Feelings Again’ is the quintessential spring album.

Born to Iranian parents in Sweden and now based in LA, Snoh Aalegra’s rich roots transpire into her authentic majestic RnB taste from the moment you press play.

Working with some of the biggest names early on in her career, such as featuring in Drake’s ‘More Life’ (2017) record on ‘Do Not Disturb’ which samples her song, ‘Time’.

‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’ is her second album and delves deeper into her blueprint classic sound and satiny vocals. Executive produced by her mentor No I.D., this is an album of self-discovery and about acknowledging the past to progress into the future.

Aalegra explores the evolution of a broken relationship and how its conclusion doesn’t necessarily mean the end of ‘love’.

Revealing to Billboard, one of the lessons she learnt was the importance of listening to your family and friends when it comes to love.

“Love blinds you, and those people can see your partner with a clear vision.”

Don’t know where to start, we handpicked some personal favourites from the 14-track album you need on your playlist.

‘Here Now (Intro)’ begins the album with some high-pitch vibrato immersed vocals alongside a lullaby-esque piano creating a lush intro into Aalegra’s new record. This transitions into a steady yet restrained RnB kicking beat, allowing Aalegra’s satiny voice to prevail which later cuts to an abrupt end. Right from the start, this song almost takes off right from where she left us on ‘FEELS’ (2017).

Aalegra’s smooth, sultry vocals backed by a collective piano-driven production by Grammy award-winning producer NES makes ‘I Want You Around’. One of my personal favourites, this track is brimming with a smitten Aalegra falling head over heels in love. Something about the gentle huskiness of Aalegra’s vocals gives off an ‘old-school’, heritage classic vibe that cannot be touched. Her swirling voice singing, “I just want to get away and sit right next to you”, lingers like a fresh breath of wind. The instrumentals aren’t too overpowering but bring this magical touch with the fluttering notes giving off those butterflies associated with love.

The supplementary music video created by Artium Productions is a beautiful, dream-like production reminiscent of something from the 60s. The video features A$AP Twelvvy on romantic escapades with scenes along the beach and in the intimacies of their bedroom.

The start of ‘Situationship’ is almost like you’re coming out of a dream, the gentle piano trills playing over and over, almost sound like raindrops. Describing a ‘friend-zone’ type relationship and how there are always deeper feelings attached, Aalegra uses her voice almost instrumentally, her low swirling hum transcends through the bold RnB beat which seduces you into a hypnotic trance.

 Moving into up-tempo territory, ‘Whoa’ is known for its percussive licks over a steady beat fluttering like a heartbeat. The low-key yet hopeful strings move in nicely with a dark swirling synth weaving in and out, adding richer tones into the track. Aalegra’s vintage vocals delve into contrasting levels and tones of her voice further imitating the flirtatious attitude of the song.

Taking its inspiration from a place in Beverley Hills sentimental to Aalegra, ‘Charleville 9200 Pt. II’ is a rendition to part two of the ‘Don’t Explain’ EP. Portraying the penultimate moments of the relationship mentioned in her previous EP, and her realisation that it was all a lie. Aalegra desires the unconditional love she once thought she shared with this lover, questioning if it was really ‘true love’.

Like any heartbreak, Aalegra gives herself the space to vent on ‘Njoy’. Owning a cinematic sound portrayed through its rich and melodious keys, it’s simplicity lets Aalegra explore her voice to give the emotion this song craves. Although short, the tune paints a tough lesson but with a breath of assurance, as she sings, “it’s the last time I’ll speak on it, ‘cause you ain’t that important”.  

A track many could relate to, ‘I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love’ details the selfless act of falling in love. Maintaining its pleasant 60s character, Aalegra details how we often give up parts of ourselves in bare light to potentially people we didn’t really intend to show those sides of ourselves to. Often the act falling in love can happen so fast, that we forget its power, as Aalegra sings “So here I am, I don’t understand, no, how you just came around and stole my heart.”

‘Peace’ closes out the album in full-circle. Aalegra reflects on how although she went through this painful experience, by choosing to focus on the personal growth she attained has allowed her to become peaceful with her past and hopeful for her future, when it comes to love. Instantly has the RnB vibe, with the groovy record scratches, head-bopping beat, alluring strings and pertinent trumpets build to deliver a sense of spine-tingling strength.

Get your own copy of Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’ HERE.

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