New on the Block: Marco McKinnis

Forging his own path and vision, Marco McKinnis is known for combining his sweet, soulful tunes alongside his passion for dance.

Growing up in Virginia, McKinnis started rapping from a young age to cover for his shyness to sing, which he kept a complete secret from his parents.

Raised on gospel that was endlessly played around his household growing up, it wasn’t long until a young McKinnis got hooked on the likes of Chris Brown and early 2000s era music, which has influenced his music evolution.

An avid dancer from a young age, dance was really his first passion which he has now has rather seamlessly interwoven into his artistic musical vision.

First launching his debut song, ‘Clouds’ on Soundcloud back in 2015, since then, he has built a rather admirable musical catalogue on the platform. Beginning to gain some real traction in 2016 following several further uploads, the track ‘Beautiful Demo’ hit a chord with listeners, receiving over 400 thousand plays and 10 thousand likes on the streaming platform.

Teaming up with Republic Records a year following the song’s release, his prominence on the Soundcloud began to lift off, particularly with singles, ‘How I Feel’ and ‘Middle of the Party’.

Once signing to Republic, he delivered a six-track EP titled ‘Underground’ with standout tracks, ‘CPR’ and ‘Still Waters’.

It wasn’t long before he launched into a six-track EP, ‘E’Merse’, an album which fills your ears with notes of intimacy and romanticism built through a combination of live instrumentation and trap-soul production. This EP spotlights his growing self-awareness and natural ability, highlighting his musical growth, lyricism and expressionism.

Why not take your ears on a soul enriching music experience and listen to Marco McKinnis’ ‘E’Merse’ HERE.





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