In Conversation with Icona Pop

Swedish chart-topping, multi-platinum-selling duo Icona Pop are back with another certified dance-floor banger, ‘Next Mistake’ to kick start your summer.

‘Next Mistake’ is about all the bad choices and mistakes you make in life and how they make you human.

Icona Pop sky-rocketed onto the music scene in 2012 with their debut smash-hit, ‘I Love It’ which gained elevated status around the globe and achieved 6 platinum sales in Australia.

The duo, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo grew up in Stockholm and are driven to create music that makes you laugh and cry simultaneously.

‘Next Mistake’ is produced by Hudson Mohawke, Nanno Veen and Yaro, this carefree and quality dance-pop tune fills gap we have all been waiting for them to fill.

This year has been a big one for the duo who have been on their WorldPride tour with global dates planned.

We managed to squeeze in a couple of precious minutes with the girls to chat all things new music, how the name ‘Icona Pop’ evolved and potential Aussie tour dates.

Firstly, how did you girls get into music?

We grew up listening to all kinds of music and watching MTV. We knew early on that we wanted to work with music. We both went to the same music school in Sweden, but we didn’t hang out at that time. Before we started Icona Pop we both tried out a lot of different things. Aino was singing and playing cowbell in a band and Caroline was writing and recording music on a bunch of different projects. But when we met we felt like we found the right thing. We started our band the day after we met a party.

How did the name Icona Pop come about?

Caroline’s mother was at a dinner with her Italian friends and they talked about how we had just started a band. They asked if we wanted to be the next ‘pop stars’ which is ‘ICONA POP’ in Italian. Caroline´s mother texted us about the name, Icona Pop, she thought it sounded cool. We were nameless for a long time but when we got that text we felt like “Hell yeah, we are Icona Pop!”

What inspired you to create ‘Next Mistake’? 

‘Next Mistake’ is a real mix between the 90s and where we are right now. We wanted to make a song that we could dance to. The song is about that sometimes you just have to embrace your mistakes because you know that your gonna make them anyway. They might lead to something fun.

What was it like working with producer Hudson Mohawke?

It’s been a dream come true. We absolutely love everything he’s done! We have to say that he is a genius. We just want to pick his brain apart and see how he always makes such magic with the music.

How has the WorldPride Tour been going?

We feel so honoured to be a part of the pride community. They’ve been with us from the beginning and were very early with supporting our music. The feeling of highlighting an important message and celebrating together is an amazing thing.

What’s been the most memorable moment so far?

It’s hard to pick only one moment out of all of them. The bigger pride festivals are always amazing, there are a lot of people and it’s totally crazy but it feels even more important to go to the smaller newer ones, in cities where it’s not as expected to be different. People really come together and you feel a unity!

Any crazy tour moments?

Hahaha OMG being on tour is crazy, almost like a haze. During our 11 years as a band we’ve only missed one flight after a hard night out in NYC. Impressive! We´ve done a lot of weird stuff and partied with crazy people but some things are just not appropriate to tell. Maybe we´ll write a book when we´re old and bored and let you know.

Do you have any potential Aussie tour dates planned?

We can´t wait to come back to Australia, we miss it so much. We don´t have any dates planned right now but it´s in the making! See you all very soon ❤ 

Talking of Australia, you girls worked with Peking Duk on ‘Let You Down’ – briefly tell us what that experience was like?

Peking Duk are the best guys in the world. We had so much fun doing the song with them and performing with them in London. They know how to party for sure, you could almost think they are Swedish!

Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring young musicians wanting to make it in the industry?

Work haaaaard, don’t give up and don’t forget to have fun. That´s when you make magic. Try to find a good team that understands you. You are never better than your team. Nowadays there is so much you can do by yourself. You can put out music on SoundCloud and connect with others that like the same stuff. We put our first song up on Myspace and got our first label release on a super cool and awesome label called Kitsune because of that. Dare to share your art!

What are you waiting for, go grab your very own copy of ‘Next Mistake’ HERE.

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