Get To Know Ruer’s New Single ‘Glued To The Floor’

Ruer is back to chat about her latest brand new up-tempo single, ‘Glued to the Floor’ which only dropped early this morning.

‘Glued to the Floor’ is an energetic tune you can blast at the gym or on your way to a night out with friends, thanks to its pulsing synth and staccato-like electro percussion which radiates a progressive supernatural 80s vibes.

You may remember her previous groovy single, ‘I Don’t Need Ya’ which recently was nominated for the WAM Song of the Year (2019) in the electronic category.

Since starting as Ruer in 2018, she has grown and this new single clearly articulates that growth as she sings about blocking the noise and “moving forward to get unstuck”.

Currently signed to the female owned and operated, WOMPP (Women of Music Production Perth) music label, Ruer is ready to bring us some fresh new spicy hits and potentially even an EP.

First off, how are you?

I’m doing really well, it’s always a bit of a crazy time before new music drops but it’s a very exciting time as well!

Big congrats on the new single — how did ‘Glued to The Floor’ come about?

Thank you! I actually had the breakdown of ‘Glued to the Floor’ lying around for over a year. I always loved its energy and build-up but it was only a minute’s worth of music with no vocals, so I thought, ‘let’s expand on this and give it some lyrics.

The writing came about very unnaturally to me. The part I’d already written over a year ago suited the second half of the song but I still had the first half to fill in. My process is often linear and there’s usually already something going on in my head before I set ‘pen to paper’. I’ll usually have at least an idea for a chorus or a verse but I had nothing! I had to make my own inspiration which can be really hard to do.

I was listening to a lot of James Blake at the time so I thought I would take some inspiration from his album, ‘The Colour in Anything’ and try to emulate the retro video-game style production. The influence is very clear in the opening of the song. Once I had a bit of a flow, it very quickly came together lyrically and melodically.

What is the song about?

The lyrics came from a similar place the music came from. I was in a space where I had started something new, which was electronic production, and I had no idea what to do with it.

The lyrics are just a combination of people’s opinions and ideas that I’ve collected over the years. People always seem to have their own assumptions about music and life. It can be very confusing and completely overwhelming hearing so many conflicting perspectives when you’re still unsure of yourself and your skills, and I ended up taking people’s words as law. I felt like I was fighting against my own passions, my own likes and dislikes which left me feeling like my enjoyment was being dictated.

In writing this song, I kept seeing this image in my mind of someone stuck in the ‘start’ position; they were ready for the race but their hands were glued to the floor. One person says to do it like this, the other says that’s wrong and you get to a point where you just have to move forward to get unstuck, regardless if anyone believes it to be right or wrong.

Why did you want to create a track like ‘Glued to The Floor’?

‘Glued to the Floor’ is actually quite important to me, because that one minute snippet of an idea was the actually the first thing I shared as ‘Ruer’. And now the full song is like a chronicle of where I started in 2018 and where I am now a year later.

I’ve grown a lot as a musician, songwriter and producer, I feel like I’m so much more confident, as I’m now finding it easier to make musical choices without hearing a thousand different opinions repeating themselves in the back of my mind. I’m glad I can share this song knowing that I’m not held back by my own fears anymore.

Are you hoping to perform the single live anytime soon?

Yes! I’ll be playing a set supporting one of my favourite Perth bands, Chidgzey. Their single launch is on Thursday October 10th at the Aardvark in Freo.

You also were recently nominated for the WAM Song of the Year for ‘I Don’t Need Ya’ — what does this nomination mean to you?

It was such an honour to be nominated for this award, it meant a lot to me especially just starting out with the Ruer project. It was just the validation I needed to push through and feel like this song writing thing is going to work out.

You also recently did you first live set hosted by Servo Flowers alongside some incredible artists in a secret garden location — what was this intimate experience like?

It was such a fun show! I’m a reasonably experienced performer but this was the first time I had done a full set of my original music and oh boy, it was such a good time. Given that it was such an intimate setting, the audience was really receptive and I’m really looking forward to more shows and more performances!

Finally, any more surprises in the future you may have coming that you can hint at?

2020 is looking like a busy and exciting year, I’ve been doing a lot of song writing, so you can keep an eye out for an EP and of course lots more shows.

Don’t miss out, go add  ‘Glued to The Floor’ to your playlist HERE.

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