Top 5 Picks from Tove Lo’s ‘Sunshine Kitty’

‘Sunshine Kitty’ is Swedish singer-songwriter, Tove Lo’s fourth studio album delivering an edgy futuristic synth-pop sound that will make you want to get up and dance.

This album takes a leaf out of Tove’s journal she kept from the age of nine, writing about people she was dating throughout her teenage and early twenties.

“All over this record, there’s a mix of current love, future fears, being naïve and actual people in my life,” she told Apple Music.

Let’s just say this was definitely a challenge and a half, but I managed to hand-pick my top five favourites off the album – let’s get onto it!!

‘Glad He’s Gone’ is the lead single from Tove’s fourth studio album and is quite clearly one badass track, as Tove sings, “baby, no tears for that sucker”. A tune about looking out for her friend stuck in a relationship with a demanding partner who is never fully pleased, leading her friend to blame herself for not being good enough. Through experience, Tove teaches us the importance of showing compassion to your friends when they are going through rough relationships and finally saying, ‘glad he’s gone’ when it’s over.

‘Sweettalk To My Heart’ is particularly salient, as it was one of Tove’s first songs she wrote when crafting her fourth album. A track that unapologetically embraces that spark of falling and believing in ‘love’, without any judgement. It’s about accepting the naivety that comes with feeling ‘love’. It’s about detaching from any negative judgement and just  simply choosing to live in that moment and believe someone because you feel them in that moment.

‘Bad as the Boys’ is a modern acoustic-driven production featuring Finnish pop singer, ALMA. This track marks the third collaboration of the duo and evolved quite naturally into one killer track you just want to get up an groove to in your living room. Tove opens up about one of her earliest summer heartbreaks, when she realised the girl she was falling for wasn’t on the same page and was just after a summer fling. This is a song for that sting you feel in your heat when you know summer is ending and so is the dreamy romance you thought was real but fades away with the sunset.

‘Come Undone’ stuck with me for a couple of reasons. The first being, its sharply swerving saturated distortions alongside the richly compressed dissonant production and Tove’s echoing reverbed vocals, leave a lasting impression alike a lost love. Second, being the vulnerability in her voice as she sings of the nervousness she feels around a guy she is passionately falling for and not understanding why she is having these feelings or whether they are truly being reciprocated.

‘Really don’t like u” is a collaboration with Australian pop singer, Kylie Minogue. The duo paired up for the track following a meet-up in Hong Kong at a charity event, although they were unable to actually sit down together in the studio due to their hectic schedules, Tove sent Kylie the demo and it further evolved into the energising, pulsating track it is today.

Don’t be the last one to the ‘Sunshine Kitty’ party, go snatch your very own copy HERE.

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