New On The Block: Celeste

Celeste has one divine, haunting voice compliments her jazzy, soulful instrumentals likening to a sound to the likes of Amy Winehouse.

 Originally born in LA, Celeste moved to England with her mom at the youthful age of three where she began to identify her exquisite singing talents.

Her family played a pivotal role in her musical taste, with her grandparents exposed her to many musical greats like Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald. In fact, one of the first album’s she listened to was an Aretha Franklin tape in her granfather’s cherry red Jaguar.

It wasn’t too long before Celeste was offered a scholarship at a performing arts school but she ended up only attending for a year.

“I felt like, in that situation, in that particular school, it was like they wanted to turn everybody in the school to be a certain way that was very similar to each other.

“Whereas, growing up, I felt like I really knew myself and what I wanted to be like.

“Music was something that always stayed with me, and I just had to work out how I was going to do something in music,” she told UMusic.

At 16, she uploaded a song to YouTube and it piqued the attention of a forthcoming manager and made her way to Sarm West Studios, has included the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rihanna and Paul McCartney, in Notting Hill, London.

She then went onto release various tunes in the successive years, including ‘Daydreaming’ with Celeste’s sweet, soaring vocals over a tranquil instrumental.

Go listen to these Top 3 hand-picked tunes.

  1. Father’s Son’ is a heartfelt tune touching on the coming-of-age that came with the passing of her father, who played an influential role on her musical influence.
  1. ‘Strange’ is one mesmerizingly creative track. The song was inspired by the wildfires that scoured through California in 2018 and how the devastation helped her access certain emotions. The first verse in particular taps into a relationship breakdown and the burning passion going out leaving you with the ash remnants of the broken love.
  1. ‘Lately’ is a slow-burning soulful release combined with Celeste’s classic crisp, smoky vocals just take you back in time for a brief moment.

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