An Insight into Tame Impala’s ‘Borderline’

Need a holiday?! You don’t need to go anywhere expensive, all you need to is crank up Tame Impala’s new single ‘Borderline’ on your stereo and your all set.

‘Borderline’ is the second single from Tame Impala’s fourth album and dives into themes of the finalities of a relationship while questioning the nature of love.

Premiering on SNL back in March, ‘Borderline’ preceded lead single, ‘Patience’ which dropped a week earlier.

The concept of the track is layered, on the surface one might think the tune is linked to immigration and borders as they continue to take centre stage in the news cycle. But Parker actually uses the word “borderline” as a personal metaphor of the intricacies of a turbulent relationship.

The track attaches to elements of uncertainty, risk and emptiness, often common traits of borderline personality disorder which is a more specific theme of the song. This is further emphasised in the bridge when Parker sings in ambiguity, “Will I be known and loved? Is there one that I trust? Starting to sober up.”

‘Borderline’ hits you with its synths, percussion and ascending vocal lines protruding throughout. The chorus’ distinctive contrast between high and low captures the uncertainty thematically interwoven throughout.

In essence, ‘Borderline’ really continues to propel forward the early psychedelics Parker is renowned for producing and revamping.

So if you’re a lover of this tune and all things Tame Impala, get amped for Tame’s new album, ‘The Slow Rush’ which is going to be one epic start to 2020.

‘Slow Rush’ is expected to drop on February 14, 2020, be prepared and get your pre-order HERE.


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