All You Need To Know: The Presets x Golden Features ‘Raka’ EP

Two of Australia’s finest exponents of EDM have teamed up to bring repertoire of spicy electro-house like we’ve never quite heard it before.

Only containing four tracks but they sure pack a punch, as Tom Stell (ie. Golden Features) joins forces with Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes (ie. The Presets) to push the boundaries on the dancefloor.

After being a self-confessed Presets fan since the age of 16, collaborating with was a dream come true for Snell.

“The beginning of the year I was in Joshua Tree when I got an email from Jules and Kim asking if I wanted to work together on an EP and I jumped at the opportunity, my 10 years of fan boying came crashing down on my head,” Snell said.

The EP’s evolution began with a studio, a bunch of synths and pedals.

“We started getting together in the studio, setting up a bunch of synths and pedals, and just going wild with them, creating berserk acid lines and rolling arpeggiator patterns, and capturing as much craziness as we could.

“Later we could cook these ideas down together, reducing them to their simplest and strongest incarnations,” Hamilton said.

Not sure what to expect, let’s drive into the EP right here.

‘Raka’ sets the tone with a throbbing underground bass at the start which just builds the suspense, very much giving off a classic Golden Features tone. The suspense soon erupts into a joyride of futuristic hard-hitting sirens and synths all creating a very heavy soundscape which is later balanced by the layered tenuous melodies of ‘Paradise’ and ‘Control’.

‘Paradise’ is one tune you’ve probably already heard playing across your airwaves. Something about his tune has that classic euphoric Presets sound toughened up by a signature Golden Features heavy-duty style. The bouncy warping synth and percussive elements almost hint at some Rufus-type vibes. All in all, this is the perfect tune for those lazy summer afternoons.

‘Control’ compels you with the arrival of its brewing build-up just over a minute into the track, soon erupting into some tenacious modular libs with a restrained buzzing synth and snare rolls. This is one track to play when you next hit the gym.

‘The End’ is the closer and offers a more low-key vibe contrasted to the previous three high-energy tracks. A blend of techno and hip hop that delves into even more deeper questions that the EP ponders, allowing both artists to explore more deeply the intricacies of their authentic signature sounds.

Get your copy of ‘RAKA’ HERE.





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