New On The Block: Fatima

Need something a little bit out of the box look no further than Fatima.

Fatima Bramma-Sey, known as Fatima, is a Swedish singer-songwriter paving her way in the heart of London’s thriving soul and jazz scene.

Her musical approach is deeply tied to her diverse roots, growing up Fatima was exposed to the richness of West African music through spending day sin her Sengelese/Gambian mother’s boutique.

Her authenticity radiates not just through her honest song writing but her blends of propelling throwback R&B, soul, electronica and jazz into the future.

Go check one of her most recent albums, ‘And Yet It’s All Love’ which focuses on her life and a particular relationship she was in at the time.

Taking just over two years to craft, all good things take time, the album describes both the challenges of the relationship but her hopefulness for the future and coming to terms with accepting the truth.

Also, take a listen of one of her earliest ‘Mindtravelin’ EP.

Holding a sound very much ahead of its time, it’s been ten years since it first hit the scene.

But since then, Fatima has grown, especially in her writing and musical repertoire and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store in the near future.

Want more?! What are you waiting for, get on her Soundcloud HERE.

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