Top Picks From Beck’s ‘Hyperspace’

Say hello to ‘Hyperspace’, Beck’s fourteenth full-length album spurring inspiration from the classic 1979 video game, Asteroids.

‘Hyperspace’ features seven time Grammy award winning musician, Beck join forces with the mega-talented Pharrell Williams, who co-wrote and co-produced seven of the album’s total eleven tracks.

This is an album really about finding peace in the moment, which in this day and age can definitely prove to be a challenge, as the surrealist synth takes you to another world as Beck contemplates in a space of ambiguity.

Let’s take a peek at some of my top picks from ‘Hyperspace’.

‘Chemical’ has so many layers within the one tune, it’s hard to get bored. On this track, Beck joined forces with David Greenbaum and Pharrell Williams to craft a dreamy radiating synth-fuelled vibes, a perfect way to set the scene as we transcend into those warmer months.

If the milky way was a song, ‘Stratosphere’ would be it. A more slow-tempo tune with its rich lo-fi vibe makes you feel as if your floating on a fluoro inflatable toy in the middle of your pool while watching the sunset. The chiming euphoric electronic guitar resonates then retreats into some bell-like keys which later picks up the pace again with a handful of retro acoustics. 

‘Dark Places’ was co-written and co-produced alongside Pharrell and Greenbaum. In short, this is a mix of raw acoustics with a rich brooding synth. Take a listen right now.

‘Uneventful Days’ attempts to capture the essence of the ‘in-between’. Beck describes the tune as being representative of, “those moments in the aftermath of a period of time, like a new job in a new town. You’re standing in an empty apartment, staring out the window at a palm tree.” The bountiful sound is definitely more interesting than the accompanying mundane nature of the lyrics, as Beck articulates the uneventful daily life of a man wandering through darkness.

Don’t forget to go check out the accompanying video to get the full picture. Director Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange) delivers a hazy, warm sensation with featured appearances from Evan Rachel Wood, Alia Shawkat and Tessa Thompson.

‘Star’ instantly reiterates the fluorescent video-game lo-fi soundscape penetrating throughout the entirety of the album. The hollow synth sets the base alongside a catchy, head-bopping percussive beat. Another standout part of the track is the descending, numbing chimes alongside Beck’s raw vocals adds a nice touch amongst the experimental synth.

Want more?!

Grab your copy of the futuristic retro sounds of ‘Hyperspace’ HERE.

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