All You Need To Know: Moses Sumney’s upcoming ‘grae’ album

Moses Sumney is about to change the game with his anticipated double album which has already been intriguingly described as a ‘conceptual patchwork about greyness’.

The album, ‘grae’ will be released as an ambitious double album of two parts over the course of February and May 2020.

Containing a total of 20 tracks, ‘grae’ takes off from where Sumney’s 2017 chilling concept album, ‘Aromanticism’ left off.

Sumney recently released the video for single, ‘Virile’, marking his directorial debut and allowing him to truly express his raw artistic knack.

The feisty video seeks to articulate “a post-human world, the last remaining man is caught between Beauty and Brutality’s battle to dominate the earth and his body”.

‘Virile’ hits you with its rolling synth, strings and crashing drums combined with Sumney’s impressive falsetto building anticipation of whats to come.

Stay tuned for the upcoming review dropping early next year.

Get your copy of ‘grae’ early before the masses HERE.



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