New On The Block: Maribelle

Channelling her inspiration from the likes of Janet Jackson and Sza, Maribelle started out from humble beginnings in the simplicity of a garage in suburban Melbourne.

Nowadays, Maribelle has already proven herself as a formidable talent in the world of electronic pop complete with her own independent record label, Crush Club.

Exposed to classic rock and pop from her dad playing on his guitar, before her older sister turned her onto the bountiful beats of 90s R&B and Hip Hop.

During the early 2000s, she began posting covers on YouTube and it wasn’t long before one picked up and went viral with 1.5 million views, from this it was clear that music was her calling.

Maribelle released her debut EP ‘Overtake’ in 2016, recorded in a home studio built by her father, since its release the EP has attracted 1.1 million streams and 900k streams for her videos, ‘Shout’ and ‘I’m A Mess Without You’.

Gaining more momentum in her career featuring amongst a string of memorable collaborations such as, ‘On Fire’ with Carmada and Young Franco’s ‘Miss You’.

She cemented her festival debut at FOMO Festival back in 2017, she has also been fortunate to support the likes of Kaytranada and Goldlink on their 2016 national tours.

Just when you thought that was it, she even has her own record label, Crush Club Records.

The label birthed from Maribelle feeling like she didn’t belong anywhere in the industry, but this isn’t just a platform for her music but is a platform for any musician who just doesn’t feel like they fit in.

“I wanted to create this platform for anybody else who had felt like they were in the same position and kind of be that stepping stone for them.

“There’s no major lockdowns with Crush Club Records, I just love music and want to support local acts who are still finding themselves, or feeling out of place,” Maribelle said.

We sure like the sound of that!!!

Go get some Maribelle onto your summer playlist on SoundCloud and Apple Music.



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