Feels drop debut album ‘Water Level’ inspired by WA coast

Australian award-winning duo, Feels have released their freshly made debut album filled to the brim with percussive intricacies and pop-soaked vocals.

Already being compared to ground-shifting artists like Flume, Feels is comprised of the talented Rosie Taylor and Elise Reitze-Swensen.

The highly-anticipated 11 track debut album features some noteworthy collaborations with MISSY, ZAN, LALKA and Joan & The Giants.

Taking insightful inspiration from water, the featured songs draw from the duo’s experiences of living on the WA coast, taking listeners on a journey through WA’s water landscape.

Taking us to the tiny pools in Kalamunda or a stream interwoven through the Karijini gorges combined with the macro sounds collected from Logue Brook Dam or luscious Indian Ocean waves.

“Water Level represents a year and half of dedication to our compositional practice and meticulous attention to detail in sound design.

“Some of these compositions started as scores for piano and slowly adapted into a beat driven, bass punching track,” the duo said.

This is definitely one album that embraces fluidity, taking on a multitude of different musical states, much like water.

“We have explored many musical states in this album – upbeat and frantic, dark and cinematic, hard-hitting and pop.

“The album exemplifies our interest in many different types of music production, all the while keeping the Feels signature sound,” Rosie said.

After listening to their album, you’ll most definitely want to see them live and you’re in luck there.

The powerhouse duo has a massive year ahead, as they are expected to officially launch the album live on December 20, followed by a WA South West Tour in January.

They have also just announced a gig at Victoria’s Grampians Festival 2020 and then a national tour, followed by a European tour in April.

So why not get ready early and listen to my top three picks from ‘Water Levels’.

‘Binary Bounce’ was written back in 2018 and delves into a quirky video game inspired synth design and is the track that inspired much of Feels’ 2019 musical direction.

‘Water Level’ sets the scene of the album, designed to feel as if you’re progressing through levels of a game. It’s production evolution stems from the sounds collected on their travels in southern WA.

‘Circles’ featuring Joan & The Giants explores broken, toxic relationships juxtaposed against a floor-pop production giving a positive edge to a failed relationship.

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