Get To Know Nicole Millar’s New Single ‘Favours’

Get your ears ready for the unapologetic pop savagery of Nicole Millar’s latest single ‘Favours’.

‘Favours’ is the much anticipated sleek new single following up from her 2018 debut album, ‘Excuse Me’.

Like “smooth, dark chocolate with hints of mint”, this new single paves the way for a bold new era, as Millar takes a more darker ad mature turn many haven’t seen yet.

Get ready for a grittier, more raw and empowering sound.

Teaming up with past collaborators, Muki and Kilter to bring her life lessons to musical fruition.

“[Muki and I] really hit it off and couldn’t stop talking about everything that had been going on in our lives.

“It just became clear to write a song about this person that had made my life dull… but have a cheeky bounce to it,” Millar said.

The lyrics actually delve into a rather gloomy period in Millar’s life where she faced both loss and heartbreak.

“I had a bit of a rough year with lots of changes.

“‘Favours’ is a song about how I’ve got no praise, or money left to this person,” she said.

So before you go and press play just keep these wide words by Millar in mind.

“Don’t let someone walk all over you and manipulate you. Do exactly what your gut says and own it.”

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