A Music Lovers Ultimate Xmas Gift Guide

If you’ve got a MASSIVE music lover in your family, make them smile with some of these goodies on Christmas Day.

  1. For some convenience and practicality get some wireless headphones, improve your listening experience with some Apple AirPods from $249 – BUY HERE


  1. For some fun, add some novelty into someone’s Christmas stocking with some drumstick pencils for under $15 – BUY HERE

drumstick pencils.jpg

  1. Learn more about how music affects your brain by reading ‘This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession’. Packed with a whole lot of value at only $11.85, you’d be silly not to get one – BUY HERE


  1. Know someone who has thousands of those memorable concert ticket stubs they won’t dare throw away, the Just The Ticket: Ticket Stub Organiser is the answer. Keep those tickets safe for only $14.08 – BUY HERE


  1. For the perfect Boxing Day read, get a loved one Elton John’s ‘Me’ Autobiography – BUY HERE


elton john 004.jpg

  1. One book is always never enough, ease into the new year wth a copy of Prince ‘Beautiful Ones’ book, get your hard copy of the book for $40 –BUY HERE


  1. Stuck on deciding what gifts to pick, make it easy by choosing a Spotify gift card to ensure the music lover in your family can pick the music they want and love – BUY HERE


  1. Who doesn’t love singing in the shower? Well, now you can listen to your favourite tunes in the shower with a shower speaker. Even better, they’re under $20 and are guaranteed to make those morning or evening showers a whole lot better – BUY HERE

shower speaker.jpg

  1. Is there a Rihanna fan among your family and friends? Let the jump into the world of RiRi with her stunning visual autobiography, ‘The Rihanna Book’. Truly showcasing intimate photos of all aspects of her life as an artist, performer, designer and entrepreneur with many images never being seen by the public. Complete with 540 pages and a removable poster, they’ll never get bored scrolling through this coffee table book – BUY HERE

rihanna book.jpg

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