New On The Block: Tink

From singing songs in church to rapping and recording tunes  in her father’s basement, Tink is one rapper you need to watch out for in 2020.

Growing up in Illinois, Trinity Laure’Ale Home is an American rapper, singer and songwriter, known better as Tink.

Her punchy rap verses alongside a sleek modern production oozes confidence which has arguably led to her recently being compared to the likes of Lauren Hill, Ms. Jade and Da Brat.

She began singing songs in church as a young five year old and then at age 15 she was rapping and recording music in her father’s basement.

During her school years she participated in talent shows, joined a school choir and even prized English as one of her favourite subjects as it allowed her to strengthen her written craft.

Her first mixtape filled to the brim with a bunch of R&B ballads, ‘Winter’s Diary’ dropped in 2011 while she was still in high-school.But it wasn’t until her second mixtape, ‘Alter Ego’ that she began to establish her formidable rapping talent.

Over the course of 8 years, Tink has released an impressive 8 albums, including an extended play.

Her tunes deal with some pretty complex emotional issues geared primarily towards youth issues and she has been praised for her storytelling aptitude.

Her most recent release last year was a mixtape catalogue, ‘Pain & Pleasure’ described as delving into relationship complexities and how often lines can blue between our personal and professional lives.

She later dropped a new mixtape, ‘Voicemails’ accompanied by lead single, ‘Bad Side’ which is the perfect catalogue of songs for summer. Want a listen, check it out here.

If you can take anything away with you, go check out these three epic Tink tracks below.

Released only last year, ‘DIFFERENT’ delves into the complications of a love gone wrong while reflecting on a disconnected relationship.

‘BAD SIDE’ looks at a love-hate relationship and how even though Tink’s lover gets on her nerves at times, deep down she still wants his presence.

‘F*CK AROUND’ is quite a sensual tune where Tink narrates about her ride or die boy who treats her with the utmost respect and reciprocity.




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