Throwback Thursday: Diana Gordon

Let me take you back to the sweet soulful voice of Diana Gordon, previously known better by her stage name of Wynter Gordon.

Gordon began her music career working for other artists and it wasn’t long before she eventually signed to Atlantic Records where she started creating her own record.

Singing from a young age, she would perform among her siblings in church and it was high-school where she decided music was going to be her career path.

She penned her first song at the age of 15, from there she began perfecting her craft and eventually began co-writing alongside the likes of David Guetta and Jennifer Lopez.

It was 2008 when she wrote two tracks for Danity Kane’s second album, ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, she also co-wrote and featured on ‘Sugar’ from Flo Rida’s ‘R.O.O.T.S.’ album in 2009.

In June 2011, Gordon released her debut album, ‘With the Music I Die‘ which featured the lead single many of us probably remember, ‘Dirty Talk’ which topped many global charts.

After the ‘Dirty Talk’ era, Gordon formed a 5-piece band called the Righteous Young in early 2014 which really formed as an extension of her own music.

In June 2015, she released ‘Five Needle’ EP with lead single, ‘Bleeding Out’.

All those Beyonce fans out there will be pleased to know that Gordon actually co-wrote and produced alongside Queen Bey for her sixth ‘Lemonade’ album.

She co-wrote and co-produced memorable hits, ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Daddy Lessons’.

And if you thought she was talented enough.

Just last year, she released her first single under her own name (Diana Gordon), ‘The Legend Of’ which was followed by her ‘Pure’ EP.

Go set the vibe for the weekend ahead and nab yourself a copy of ‘Pure’ HERE.


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