New On The Block: Dana Williams

Dana Williams is the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter already being dubbed a “modern day Ella Fitzgerald”.

Her heartfelt tunes interweave classic themes of love and loss amongst her soulful vocals and piano acoustics abound.

Known for her abundance of YouTube covers, an appearance on the 2014 Apple Christmas commercial, ‘The Song’ and collaborations with Freddie Gibbs, Boogie and Rejjie Snow.

Her writing style gives way to the instrumentals that surround, as each of her carefully penned lyrics are inspired by “the mood of the song”.

Williams spent much of her youth between LA and New York, including moments where she would venture out on tour with her father, who was none other than Michael Jackson’s guitarist.

She even got to meet Jackson which further inspired her to pursue the craft of music after seeing its strength and power in touching people.

Throughout her school years, she was introduced to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and shortly after, Billie Holiday.

Living in New York meant Williams was exposed to and influenced by many jazz clubs, she even used to sing at one called the Lenox Lounge, where Billie Holiday used to perform.

Her debut EP, ‘The Lonely One’ was released in 2014 and is all about the mixed emotions of heartbreak. Although melancholic, the album endeavours to take on a more optimistic, romantic perspective.

Themes of love and loss are so universal and having experienced both, makes it natural for her Williams to sing about, she told Interview Magazine.

“Everyone loves and everyone loses, no matter what you’re losing.”

Her follow-up EP, ‘Let’s Fall’ dropped in 2015 and she is currently working on her full-length debut album (cue excited clapping!).

So don’t you dare leave this article without giving these tracks a spin.

Go jump on her SoundCloud for a whole lot of Dana Williams goodness.



‘Egyptian Luvr’ by Rejjie Snow featuring Anime and Dana Williams



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