New On The Block: Noga Erez

From serving time as a military musician to performing at Ptichfork Festival Paris, Noga Erez has an innovative yet much-needed sound we all need to hear.

Noga Erez is a talented singer, songwriter and producer fresh out of Tel Aviv known for her bass-pumping, danceable tunes guaranteed to get any party started in an instant.

You may have heard her song, ‘Dance While You Shoot’ which featured in an Apple 2017 advertising campaigns for its music streaming service.

Growing up she was exposed to a range of different instruments and styles of music, she was even part of different groups and ensembles as a vocalist, keyboardist and percussionist.

Her innovative sounds aren’t the whole story though, as her lyrics are strongly influenced by political circumstances and the chaos she grew up with in her hometown and globally, as she describes her songs as a way to “process the issues that bother me about the world”.

In fact, early on in her career she actually served some time as a military musician in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Back in 2011, she began crafting a jazz album which was later discarded as Erez decided to take a pivot and start writing and producing music.

In 2017, she dropped her first single, ‘Toy’ which received much acclaim from The New York Times for its decadent energy and varying up-tempo jittering beat fused with Middle Eastern infused melodies.

It’s fair to say to 2017 was definitely a huge year for Erez, as she produced her debut record, ‘Off The Record’ with partner, Ori Rousso and she was even included in Forbes Israel’s ‘Under 30’ list.

Following the release, Erez packed out a selection of festival shows such as Primavera, SXSW, Pitchfork Paris, MELT! Visions Festival plus many more.

So, it’s time to turn it up with these badass Noga Erez tunes and accompanying visuals below.


‘Dance While You Shoot’


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