Top 5 Picks from Tame Impala’s ‘The Slow Rush’ Album

‘The Slow Rush’ is Tame Impala’s fourth studio album following the very essence of ‘time’. 

Revolving around memories, nostalgia and uncertainty about the future as Parker takes another leap forward with this album into new, undiscovered territory.

Whenever I listen to Tame, it’s quite apparent their music really travels through time.

Front man, Kevin Parker hinted at the album’s release early last year by sharing a snippet of the new album on his Instagram.

It wasn’t long before they released their first promotional tune from the album, ‘Patience’ which was soon followed by the release of ‘Borderline’ on SNL.

The rest of the year saw the lads posting cryptic videos across their website showcasing Parker working in the studio surrounded by a telephone and cigarettes while a snippet of songs played.

The album was crafted between L.A. and Parker’s good ol’ hometown of Fremantle, WA.

While you’re listening to the album, Parker dives deep into time creating the feeling of a lifetime in a lightning bolt, establishing the fast-paced, energetic life we are immersed in.

The album art, crafted with photographer, Neil Krug seeks to represent humanity being abruptly swallowed whole by its surrounding environment.

Enough talking, let’s get into ya gal’s top five picks from ‘The Slow Rush’.

‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ wrestles with Parker’s past demons, as he addresses and tries to make peace in moving forward from his relationship with his father over a woozy bass and dramatic synth. 

‘Instant Destiny’ details notions surrounding the permanence of marriage and how it is projected to be the thing that ‘cements’ a relationship. Parker uses this tune as a means of contemplation of his proposal to his wife and their eventual marriage.

“Free from feeling sentimental… we don’t owe our possessions anything.” 

‘Borderline’ is described by Parker as being a tune about standing on the border of a strange new world. The track really encapsulates the fears that often circulate when pivoting towards an untouched place. But it’s apparent that Parker longs to be immersed in this, unaware and uncontrolled freedom.

‘Lost In Yesterday’ is where you have permission to take all your bad memories and “lose them in yesterday”. Here, Parker gets nostalgic and makes peace with his past, letting go of his past that may haunt those around him.

‘It Might Be Time’ articulates how time passes, how the people around us change and finally, how this affects our relationships. This really is the epitome of the album and perhaps takes reference to the time that has passed since Tame’s last release, ‘Currents’ in 2015.

The tune has been described by Genius as perhaps being inspired by 70s rock band, SuperTramp and their track, ‘The Logical Song’.

Go nab your copy of Tame Impala’s rockin’ new album, ‘The Slow Rush’ HERE.


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