All You Need To Know About Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’

    What a decade it’s been since the release of ‘My World 2.0’ in 2010, Justin Bieber is back more focused and settled than ever with ‘Changes’.

‘Changes’ marks Bieber’s fifth studio album and is a tribute to his wife, Hailey Bieber (Baldwin) and his faith as he details the healing he discovered from each.

Growing up in front of the world’s eyes, he has done so leading the way in crossing borders, genres and language barriers when it comes to the world of music.

‘Changes’ features an impressive array of well-respected artists, featuring collaborations with the likes of Post Malone, Quavo, Travis Scott, Kehlani and Lil Dicky.

Right from the start it appears this album airs a new sense of confidence and clarity, but this hasn’t come that easy and it wasn’t until he joined Ariana Grande onstage at Coachella 2019 that he felt a boost of confidence.

“I was dealing with a lot of fear.

“I saw how people reacted when I went onstage. It gave me the boost of confidence and reminded me, ‘Oh, this is what I do. This is what I’m good at. I don’t need to run away from it.’ ” he told Apple Music.

Essentially, it was from this moment he learnt the importance of running towards hurt rather than away from it in order to heal properly.

That’s not all, Bieber has also revealed some fresh dates for his upcoming Changes Tour which will kick off on May 14 in Seattle with Kehlani and Jaden Smith set out to support.

It’s time to get your voices prepped by checking out these handpicked favourites from the album.

In January, Bieber made his return with the mouthwatering pop tune, ‘Yummy’. Yes, the original is addictively tasty, the remix just melts in your mouth. The ‘Yummy Remix’ features Summer Walker, but don’t fret the tune is pretty much the same apart from Walker’s verse just over halfway in. Although it’s a relatively small feature, damn its so sweet.

‘Habitual’ actually featured on the speculated track list in the documentary series, ‘Justin Bieber: Seasons’ which dropped in January. Before Bieber jumped on the track, the beat was supposed to be for music American producer, singer and songwriter, Poo Bear and if you listen carefully you’ll hear Poo’s voice in the intro and outro of the track.

Bieber is back with American rapper, Lil Dicky on ‘Running Over’. The chorus illuminates Bieber’s feels towards a one-sided relationship, emphasising that he actually doesn’t care because he is head over heels for her.

“Keep running’ over me with your loving’, I’m only right here for your consumption,” he sings.

‘Get Me’ featuring Kehlani is the second single from the album and was streamed alongside the release of the album’s official title and cover art. Bieber and Kehlani bounce off each other, as they articulate their figurative relationship throughout the song. Continuing the R&B flavour, the duo’s sultry vocals over the darker beat and percussion gives the tune that trademark R&B polish.

‘E.T.A.’ is a track that really sums up the common saying, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. In case ya’ll didn’t know, E.T.A. actually stands for estimated time of arrival and ultimately the entirety of this track emphasises the passion Bieber has for his wife, Hailey’s love. Ultimately, despite the ups and downs, Hailey and Justin’s separation allowed them to find each other once again in brighter and stronger light.

“Distance only made us grow fonder, of one another,” Bieber sings.

Already addicted and need to listen to the whole album? Go snag your copy of ‘Changes’ HERE.







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