All You Need To Know About Northeast Party House’s ‘Shelf Life’

Never short of a good time, Melbourne band Northeast Party House are back with their third studio album, ‘Shelf Life’.

Forming in 2010, the band birthed their name from a week-long party held at a friend’s place back when they were in year 12.

Since then, they have been taking the dance world by storm with their addictive tunes being embraced by thousands of fans around the globe.

Their latest LP was mixed by drummer, Malcolm Beasley and produced by Kim Moyes of The Presets and features singles, ‘Magnify’, ‘Dominos’ and title track, ‘Shelf Life’.

Fortunately, guitarist and songwriter, Mitch Ansell said the the album turned out exactly how the band envisioned it.

“We wanted to get better at song writing along the way, which will always naturally make the whole process take a bit longer.

“But it feels worth it. Definitely,” Ansell said.

This album definitely takes a more harmonious turn than their previous releases and is something the band is really proud of.

“For the whole group to have built ourselves to this point where we can listen back to the record and it’s exactly what we wanted and that extra bit of time and effort we put in was worth it,” Ansell said.

Inspired heavily by the band’s marathon show in Berlin’s infamous Berghain nightclub, the album’s title track pulses along with its searing synths and thumping beat that just urges you to keep going.

‘Dominos’ is another big tune with its punchy production designed for the ultimate impact at any party or gathering.

Meanwhile, ‘Magnify’ is much more of a flirtatious yet hearty introspective tune encapsulating the swirling anxieties of a blossoming romance.

So if you need a killer party playlist or just want to get your groove on around the living room, this is an album designed just for that purpose.

Get your week pumping, go snag your copy of ‘Shelf Life’ HERE.

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