In Conversation with Kam Kalloway

Kam Kalloway is one multi-talented actor, model and recording artist making major music moves that you need to tune into this year.

Leaving Sacramento for Hollywood 7 years ago to pursue his dreams, it’s fair to say this sacrifice has paid off for Kalloway, as he is now in a position he once dreamed.

Boasting over 5 million SoundCloud plays, Kalloway has already inked hits with an impressive array of artists like Kehlani, Trey Songs, Sabi and Christina Sayers.

‘Honestly’ is Kalloway’s latest tune co-created with fellow 2020 Gold label artist, Kayo Genesis.

This fresh new track was crafted with the intention of shining a light on some of the deceitful experiences both artists have encountered in the entertainment industry.

Kalloway takes his listeners on a ride through some of his most life sculpting moments, intending to convey various messages from surreal experiences on how to overcome everyday problems we encounter.

Kalloway is already crafting his debut project, ‘Young, Wild and High’ which is set debut later this year featuring guest appearances from Leon Thomas, Camp Rock and Jharrel Jerome.

We sat down with Kam to chat all things music and chasing your dreams, so let’s get into it.

So, where did your passion for music and acting start?

I grew up in church and did some theatre in school, a lot of that I’m sure played a role. Also my mom is a gospel singer, so there’s that too.

Did you always have a passion for music?

Yes, even more so I had a passion for artistry, not just sonically but visually. In music, I never really rooted for the greatest singers or most talented lyricists, but for those who were most unique.

What was the biggest challenge you encountered starting out?

Connectivity. Hollywood can be very surface level, I’ve never really fit in although some may feel otherwise because of how I move. I’ve always felt more ease on the east coast.

How do you seek out new opportunities as an artist?

I’m a hustler, I do a lot of networking. There are few award shows and major Hollywood events that I haven’t been to. Of course, Instagram is also a great tool.

What’s been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

2018 Grammy’s weekend, that was definitely an experience. Although I didn’t have any nominations, I made many valuable relationships with the press not only from the show but also events like the Roc Nation Brunch and the WMG Party helped me foster substantial relationships.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt?

Biggest lesson, be consistent and be intentional because “it’s easy to get lost in a crowded room”.

Tell us a bit about your new track, ‘Honestly’?

‘Honestly’ is about all the crap in Hollywood, Kayo and myself thought it was about time for this type of anthem. There’s some real life stuff also included in there, speaking on the past and how it correlates to what we wouldn’t traditionally want to acknowledge but here we have decided to have an honest moment. 

Finally, what would be your biggest piece of advice for any young person wanting to make it big as an artist or creative?

“You are the company you keep”.

In the meanwhile, go get your ears plugged into ‘Honestly’ HERE.

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