New On The Block: Masego

It may be getting cooler but for Jamaican-born American musician, Masego things are only heating up.

Born to a Jamaican father in the U.S. airforce and African-American entrepreneurial mother, Micah Davis (known as Masego) grew up always on the move accomodating his father’s often demanding military demands.

Davis spent a large portion of his childhood in church and often found himself immersed int he rhythm section of choir rehearsals.

Eventually settling in Virginia, the drums became the first instrument Davis learnt without taking any formal lessons.

From that moment onwards, Davis fell in love with music and began navigating through a variety of different instruments, such as the piano and sax.

It wasn’t until high school, that Davis adopted the name Masego after learning about his family’s roots in South Africa.

In fact, Masego was denied a music scholarship to Old Dominion University due to his lack of classical training but this didn’t deter him.

During college, he began developing and identifying his own sound and posting his tunes to SoundCloud where he started to gather an admirable audience.

Fast forward to 2016, Masego released the collaborative extended play, ‘The Pink Polo EP’ with Medasin which gave rise to the single, ‘Girls That Dance’.

Following on, he released his ‘Loose Thoughts EP’ and in 2018 his debut album, ‘Lady Lady’ dropped featuring top-notch guest features from FKJ, SiR, Tiffany Gouche and De’Wayne Jackson.

So if you haven’t heard his boss tunes yet and don’t know what to expect, Masego’s hybrid sound takes inspiration from the likes of Cab Calloway, Andre 3000, Kimbra and Jamie Foxx.

Go get your groove on and give Masego a follow on SoundCloud.

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