After a four year hiatus since his last full length album, PARTYNEXTDOOr has dropped his fourth studio album, ‘PARTYMOBILE’.

This album comes at a much-awaited and needed time, complete with his signature moody, straight-talking R&B finesse.

This album details a level of honesty and maturity, as Jahron Anthony Brathwaite (PARTYNEXTDOOR) prefers to tell his lover the truth about his true feelings, more so the absence, rather than painfully string them along.

For Brathwaite, the creative process for the album evolved way back in November 2017 when he revealed on Twitter, “I’m taking my time with this album, it’s straight party and unapologetic”.

You may already be familiar with the album’s first two singles, ‘THE NEWS’ and ‘LOYAL’ featuring Drake which dropped in November of last year.

Even Rihanna makes a surprise appearance on ‘BELIEVE IT‘, which is definitely a tune you’ll hear blasting through the radio very soon.

However, it’s apparent Brathwaite is still remaining close to his OVO roots, which he signed to in 2013, but is also flourishing beyond his beginnings.

The record opens with ‘NOTHING LESS’, where Brathwaite promises his partner the best of him even if he is currently absent, which is a suggestive message to his fans after his lengthy hiatus.

Each tune on the album evolved out of Brathwaite’s movements.

“I wasn’t leaving the house much for a minute because I was feeling down for a while.

But as I started to go out more, I had a theme of songs for those moods, for every time I left the house,” he told Hypebeast.

So, let’s get into ya gal’s top five picks from the total fifteen tracks of ‘PARTYMOBILE’.

‘SPLIT DECISION’ marks the fourth single off the new album. Featuring a very similar, raw lo-fi instrumental moulded with themes of cheating and distrust from past relationships.

Linking up with his OVO label boss, Drake, ‘LOYAL’ is really an ode to the significant others in our lives, as Drake and Brathwaite reflect on the loyalty they have towards the women in their lives. A more mellow tune, allows you to really hear the pertinent lyrics which is refreshing, as Drake sings, “Because, true, when we can party again, you’ll see, you’re my best friend”.

Produced by Business Boy,  ‘BELIEVE IT’ comes as a major surprise with a feature from Rihanna, marking Riri’s first feature since November 2017 on N.E.R.D.’s ‘Lemon’. As we begin to warm up again to Riri’s glorious voice gracing our playlists, Rihanna and Brathwaite ask each other to have faith in one another to keep their relationship strong.

A relatively succinct yet mesmerising tune, ‘ANOTHER DAY’ stuck with me for its pleasantly surprising chord progression. Amongst the gentle production, Brathwaite speaks of trying to gain the trust of his lover again, as he sings “what I gotta prove to you? What I gotta do to you?”

‘SAVAGE ANTHEM’ just sounds different, like nothing I’ve really heard before. The production is quite laid-back with a lo-fi synth driven beat combined wiht a slower percussive bass creating a deeper, darker and more earnest sound. The lyrics are explicit, as Brathwaite doesn’t hold back explaining the vivid details to his ‘significant other’ that he won’t change who he is, imperfections and all, and will continue to remain ‘savage’. Perhaps, once again an ode to his fans.

Get your groove on with ‘PARTYMOBILE’ HERE.

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