Yng Mellow drops new release ‘Dripping in Hilfiger’ featuring Chibu

It wouldn’t be Friday without a fresh new feel good tune to get you amped up for the weekend ahead, we got you good with Yng Mellow’s latest tune, ‘Dripping in Hilfiger’ featuring Chibu.

Yng Mellow collaborates with popping Italian artist, Chibu who is in isolation on his latest creation, ‘Dripping in Hilfiger’.

The Melbourne-born, 18 year old Perth based artist Yng Mellow mixes and produces his own beats through educating himself through his growing passion for music.

Classically trained in guitar, Yng Mellow crafts his tunes based on feeling rather than attempting to be confined to a genre.

For those unfamiliar with his flavour, they fuse catchy R&B melodies with acoustics and articulate vocal layering, ensuring his production remains fresh and synonymous with youth culture.

‘Dripping in Hilfiger’ explores the new cultural gravitation around Tommy Hilfiger through a hype hip-hop beat paired with a catchy melody, expressing the new brand as a modern staple of youth fashion.

The tune also takes on the anecdotal situation of meeting a girl in the club and all that follows.

An Italian collaboration was always on the cards for Yng Mellow to convey his pride in his Italian heritage.

Chibu’s verse was recorded whilst in lockdown over in Italy and will forever remain a symbol of international collaboration  trying to circulate some positivity during this time of global hardship and despair.

Start listening to your very own copy of ‘Dripping in Hilfiger’ HERE.

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