Top 5 Picks From Duke Dumont’s ‘Duality’

It’s fair to say Duke Dumont has released a pretty impressive calibre of tunes over the years, so were pretty stoked when we discovered his new album, ‘Duality’ dropped.

Even though we may be stuck at home, Duke’s album, ‘Duality’ will instantly take you to the dance floor or that festival mosh with his iconic 90’s infused beat.

Interwoven in the record is a mix of energy-pumping tunes to those powerhouse diva vocals and catchy hooks he’s often renowned for crafting.

The opening track, ‘Therapy’ is also rather poignant, being particularly representative of Duke’s maturation both retrospectively and musically.

Let’s just get onto it and check out ya gal’s top five out of the total ten tunes featured on the record.

  1. ‘Nightcrawler’ featuring Say Lou Lou
  1. ‘Ocean Drive’ 
  1. ‘Together’ featuring How to Dress
  1. ‘Love Song’
  1. ‘Let Me Go’ featuring RY X

Want the whole thing? Go get your hands on ‘Duality’ HERE.

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