New On The Block: Joy Crookes

Now is the perfect time for you to get acclimatised to the soft voice and the soulful, honest storytelling of Joy Crookes.

For those who don’t already know, Joy Elizabeth Akther Crookes is a British neo soul singer-songwriter of Bangladeshi-Irish heritage.

The bulk of her music articulates details of relationships, self-reliance, her culture, her South London roots and identity. Her velvety vocals speak of the trials and tribulations of relationships agains the backdrop of the youthful British culture. Already, BBC, MTV and NME have listed her as a breakthrough artist for 2020.

Since 2017, she has already dropped three extended plays and was even more recently nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards.

Crookes grew up in bustling London and was born to a Bangladeshi mother and Irish father. She first gained interest in singing after attending a jazz and blues workshop, it wasn’t long before she started posting song covers to YouTube at the age of thirteen.

As a teenager, she taught herself how to play guitar, piano and bass before starting to writer her own music.

In 2013, Crookes uploaded a cover of ‘Hit the Road Jack’ by Ray Charles which really became her early break into the music scene with the video garnering over 600,000 views including her current manager.

In 2017, Crookes released her debut EP, ‘Influence’ complete with its five track, check out her performance of ‘Mother May I Sleep With Danger?’ which gained over 8 million views.

Crookes dropped her second EP, ‘Reminiscence’ in early 2019. The EP was described as, “a collection of five distinct tracks melding pop, R&B and soul”.

So don’t leave this article until you’ve listened to ‘Man’s World’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘London Mine’.

‘London Mine’ celebrates the invisible people and her experience of growing up in London, understanding that London really belongs to no-one but everyone. Essentially, it’s a celebration of the immigrants who make up this country.

Just this month, Crookes has already dropped her first single, ‘Anyone But Me’ which is a tale of her battles with mental health and the voices in her head.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start supporting the lush sounds of Joy Crookes HERE.

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