Say Hello To Jarrod Jeremiah’s ‘Coffee?’

We may not be able to go out and have a coffee at the local cafe, so get your ultimate coffee fix with Jarrod Jeremiah’s new single, ‘Coffee?’

Turn up your speakers and start your morning right with this ultimate hard-hitting, catchy vibrant pop tune.

Recording the single in a small bedroom studio while quarantining, the new single really gives you that same hit you experience when grabbing a coffee with friends, definitely a feeling we all can relate to.

Guitarist, Charlie Perkins brings the song to life with his beautiful rhythmic guitar.

You may not know but Jarrod Jeremiah began his music career from a young age learning the drums. From the age of 15, Jeremiah was already producing, singing and mixing his tracks independently.

Jeremiah aims to craft his music to make a difference alongside blending his primary instruments as a percussionist to craft catchy melodic and rhythmic hooks.

We are excited to see what the future has in store for Jeremiah as he has already been featured on renowned blogs like EQ Music and Acid Stag. His tunes have also been picked up across various radio stations such as Triple J, RTR FM, Valley FM, Vox FM and Noongar Radio.

Go get your ‘Coffee?’ fix right HERE.

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