Top Picks from Drake’s ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’

The world may be pausing for a bit but Drake sure isn’t with the fresh release of ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’, delivering a handful of moody, contemporary sounds reflecting the present day.

We all got a taste of what was to come roughly a month ahead of the album’s release, with Drizzy releasing the dance-crazed lighter tune, ‘Toosie Slide’ which received plenty of positive acclaim.

‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ production was compiled by none other than OVO’s very own, the accomplished Oliver El-Khatib and Noel Cadastre, taking on “some leaks and some joints from SoundCloud and some new vibes.”

The project even features some esteemed collaborations with the likes of Future, Chris Brown, Giveon, Fivio Foreign and Playboi Carti, to name a few.

There’s ultimately something quite familiar with the more overcast, sullen yet somewhat tangible tones of this record, as this collection of tunes has been described as the most “of-the-moment” Drake has ever sounded.

Prepare yourself even more, because Drizzy has already warned that this new tape is only meant to be a mere teaser for his sixth studio album, as promised to drop this summer.

Upon a debut listen, ya gal decided to keep it short and simple by specially hand-picking my top four favourites from this ten piece project.

Definitely one of my favourites so far, ‘Chicago Freestyle’ featuring Giveon is full of surprises with its effortlessly smooth transitions, definitely taking you back to ‘Views’. Quite retrospective, Drizzy dedicates his lyrics to the lessons he acquired in his rise to success while reflecting on past relationship mistakes that often come with this lifestyle.

The chorus chimes in with Drizzy emphasising how he has tired from ‘quick relationships’ and is down for something more serious, but his lifestyle makes this impossible, hence the rather melancholic tone.

The evolution of the song came from Giveon’s freestyle which made for every city he visited while on tour with Snoh Aalegra, hence the title ‘Chicago Freestyle’.

Let’s just say seeing Chris Brown’s name pop up on ‘Not You Too’ was definitely a pleasant surprise. Brown’s appearance is rather subtle but at the same time pertinent and acclimatised to Drake’s more subdued, low-key flavour.

Far from introspective Drizzy ain’t one to distance himself from conflict, as he sings about being betrayed by a women he didn’t expect to, singing to her, “not you too” implying that he has been spited by multiple women in the past.

Never one to shy away from his relationship complexities and heartbreaks, ‘Time Flies’ is a tune allowing Drizzy to sing about his feelings of loneliness and regret, as he tries to reconcile with past events with his significant other.

Further supported by soft synth combined with an accelerated hi-hat and interjecting cymbals creates a refreshing, satisfying percussive beat that you could simply listen to all day long or even during your early morning yoga.

‘From Florida With Love’ marks the first collaboration between Drizzy and producer, MexicoDro. Despite leaking online in early April this year, the tune was recorded in Miami back in December 2017 amongst sessions of recording ‘Scorpion’.

For some, the tune may appear unfinished, particularly with the instrumental change at the conclusion of the track lacking vocals. But this is tune is busy, as Drake references a multiplicity of happenings from his robbery to his mentor Lil Wayne, Static Major, listening to The Carter III with Kobe Bryant and close affiliation of Future’s Freebandz Gang.

Don’t be that last person to listen to ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’, get your copy HERE.

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