Tinashe’s ‘Songs For You’ Top Picks

This may be a tad belated but better late than never because Tinashe’s album, ‘Songs For You’ is a serious bop.

‘Songs For You’ is actually quite a poignant record for Tinashe as she cements herself as an independent artist following her split with RCA Records.

From the moment you press play, this just oozes Tinashe’s classic R&B-pop electric vibe that makes you want to get up and groove no matter where you are.

This album really showcases her versatility as a young artist, don’t just think this is just a smooth, tempered R&B-pop vibe though, this album was most definitely catered for the dancefloor too.

Leading up to its release, a trailer was aired along with listening parties dotted across London, LA and New York City in which Tinashe articulated this being one of her most vulnerable albums to date.

The project includes features from some high calibre artists such as Ms Banks, G-Eazy, MAKU and 6LACK.

It definitely wasn’t easy but here are ya gal’s top five picks.

‘Link Up’ is the first cab off the ranks and was leaked back in February. Many may already know this tune but the actual creation of the tune is probably a little less familiar. The tune evolved from a mash-up with another one of Tinashe’s songs, ‘Naked’ which essentially makes ‘Link Up’ a two part song.

Let’s just say, Tinashe isn’t afraid to flaunt her status and wealth in this one, it’s definitely a dance tune made to be blasted aloud. This up-tempo is really the ultimate confidence booster.

‘Save Room For Us’ features MAKJ and was independently released from Tinashe’s original album. Marking her first collaboration with US DJ, MAKJ known for his electro-house infused sound. Featuring a rather simple production, when combined with Tinashe’s thought-provoking lyrics and feminine tone takes the tune to a whole other futuristic vibe.

You can tall that clearly Tinashe is articulating losing love and feeling lost in the process but I feel this tune has a double meaning, perhaps delving into notions of making space and taking up space in today’s modern society.

‘Touch & Go’ featuring 6LACK has this ultimately serene production reflecting the fragility of what is about to be discussed in the tune. Here, both artists sing about trying to mend fractured relationships despite their lovers refusal, resulting in a ‘touch and go’ situationship. The collaboration eventuated from her fans, who commented on one of her Instagram posts asking who she should work with.

‘Perfect Crime’ is clearly about heartbreak, it’s catchy drum beat and fluttering synth fuses nicely with Tinashe’s soothing dreamlike falsetto making this track just heaven to listen to.

‘Cash Race’ is one of those tunes you can jam to on your next road trip. In fact, Tinashe says she was inspired to pen the song as an articulation of those times when you just want to feel like a badass.

Go nab your copy of ‘Songs For You’ HERE.

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