Who Am I Listening To: Teenear’s New Single ‘Free’

Do you want to feel empowered and uplifted? Upcoming musician, Teenear has dropped the perfect timely tune, ‘Free’.

Delivering an invigorating vocal performance, this song finds Teenear declaring victory over her life, she feels in control and aware of who she is and it’s clear she wants her listeners to feel the same.

Offering a mix of introspection coupled with a meaningful message to readers gives all her listeners an enlightening insight and confidence boost in a time of pain.

As she boldly sings, “I refuse to live my, live my life in fear, I found that strength in me, to just go head and kick down that door.”

Back in April, she dropped a single, ‘Come See Me’ as well as releasing a rather intimate video for her dazzling, addictive single, ‘Dolla Signs’ this year.

That’s not all, she has been working hard, gearing up for the release of her upcoming album coming soon.

For those just getting accustomed to Teenears talents, she is Miami born and bred, she began singing from the age of three and has been honing her craft ever since through participating in pageants, talent shows and in church.

As a teen, following her parents pleas she uploaded a cover of Rihanna’s, ‘Stay’ onto her YouTube and it was all upwards from there.

Growing up her influences stem from trailblazers like Mariah Carey, Brandy, Aaliyah and Beyonce which you can tell with her vocal aptitude and optimism reflected throughout her musical style.

In 2015, she dropped her debut single, ‘Friday Night’ featuring Sage The Gemini and later released, ‘Streetlights’.

The future is definitely bright for this talented gal, already scoring collaborations with some big household names such as Fetty Was, Lil Baby and Grammy winning producers, Ayo & Keyz.

Don’t miss her upcoming album by following her on Spotify and Instagram NOW.

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