New On The Block: Bosco

Described as a force of nature and a sound influenced by the timeless nature of Sara Vaughn, Gnarls Barkley, TLC and Janis Joplin, say hello to Brittany Bosco.

It’s time to warm up your home with Bosco and her musical and multimedia talents tapping into only the rawest, heaviest elements of R&B, dance and beyond all while staying true to her own flair.

From early days of singing in church at the age of just four, Bosco has grown into one of the baddest female artist always seeking to push the boundaries of culture and music.

Growing up she was inspired by jazz, soul and blues and it was these influences which have made her music resonate, particularly when combined with her lush and elastic vocals.

In case that wasn’t enough, she is even formally trained in choral and opera music having attended the Savannah College of Art & Design where she nurtured her passion for the visual arts, majoring in fashion design.

Bosco’s first official release, the ‘City of Nowhere’ EP dropped back in 2008 but it was really her follow-up EP ‘Spectrum’ which actually made major moves across the blogs.

The online release of ‘Spectrum 2.0‘ which included several surprise bonus tracks gained even more popularity and circulation.

But music is not her only forte.

This artistic powerhouse has just recently launched her new creative agency, SLUG as profiled by Fast Company.

You can tell this clever gal is tapping into not only her own eclectic flavour but also mixing with captivating elements of futuristic R&B, dance and straight club bangers that just make you want to get ups and groove.

One tune ya gal is seriously diggin’ at the moment is, ‘Paid in Full’ as produced by LordQuest from her bangin’ album, ‘Some Day This Will All Make Sense‘ which was recently released in April of this year under own label, SLUG Records.

We reckon’ you should get onto Bosco now before she makes it BIG time, go nab your copy of ‘Some Day This Will All Make Sense’ HERE.

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