All You Need To Know About Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Dying 4 Your Love’

It’s time to get super smiley because those velvety voice of Snoh Aalegra is finally back since, ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’.

‘Dying 4 Your Love’ marks Aalegra’s exciting return since her last album release.

Produced by P2J, the bass-driven instrumental compliments Aalegra’s repetitious vocals filling in the blanks, as she sings of her desire for a lost lover.

Something about the production hits deep with the obvious bass-heavy beat but the sprinkling of some tropical, lighter tones throughout creates a mesmerising, easygoing soundscape which perfectly suits Aalegra.

Another surprise was the debut of a stunning accompanying video which takes place in the future, as Aalegra dons a sparkly jumpsuit while boppin’ away with her dancers.

Director, I.P.W beautifully captures the aesthetic of different tones and smoothness of the tune opting for versions of sci-fi inspired imagery alongside plenty of colour and vibrancy.

In fact, Aalegra recently signed with Roc Nation which will allow to further expand her establishment within the global music scene.

Start listening to ‘Dying 4 Your Love’ right HERE.

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