New On The Block: T$oko

Hailing from Zimbabwe, T$oko’s music is gripping as he breaks down stigmas associated with cultural restraints, while drawing on the lessons that come with growing up in a diversified musical household.

T$oko began recording music since he was a young teenager, but it was during his school years when he really started to harness the energy and dynamics of his peers who’s shared his passion.

His tenacity to connect with his audience on a personal level and refreshing novel yet modern flavour is addictive.

But it’s really his distinctive mastery which has propelled his growing admirable acclaim as a credible solo artist within the incredibly competitive Perth music scene.

It’s more than just music for T$oko, as he is primarily driven to craft music that seeks to be devoid of judgement and suppression, ensuring his legacy maintains through the appreciation for a shared affinity for music.

Back in 2017, he dropped his debut track, ‘Blasphemy/Mirror’ which was later followed by a double release of ‘Fourth Quarter’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’.

In March 2018, he was fortunate enough to trek over to the east coast and support the likes of high-calibre International artists for their Australian tours. These prominent names included the likes of Wale, Metro Boomin, Tyga, Madentyo and Lil Wayne at the Jumanji Festival.

Backing a collation of releases throughout 2019, he returned with debut EP, ‘TIME’ being the acronym for the things he must endure.

A retrospective work exploring who he is and what he represents, ‘TIME’ explores T$oko’s experiences of loss, pain, promise and appreciation.

This makes a contrast to some of his previous mixes which are heavily based on feeling but this album was dissimilar in that he took time to really delve into his thoughts.

“I used to drop mixtape and all of those were based on feelings and emotions so after what happened, it was actually easier for me to sit down and delve into my thoughts ad make music than to make a record for radio or something,” T$oko told Life Without Andy.

Just in time for the weekend, go add T$oko’s ‘TIME’ album to your Spotify playlist HERE.

Only need just a few tunes to get your going for the weekend, here are ya gal’s hand-picked top three tunes.

  1. ‘S.O.S’ featuring Jimmy Drones

2. ‘Hitachi Free Verse’ (Tribe Remix)

3. ‘Rudeboi’

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