All You Need To Know: Jhene Aiko’s ‘Chilombo’ (Deluxe Edition)

Just when we thought that was it for Jhene Aiko for the year, she has delivered nine new tracks on the deluxe version of her third studio album, ‘Chilombo’.

Adding to the 29 tracks present, the deluxe features the likes of Kehlani, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and more.

Let’s not wait any longer and just go through each of the new tunes featured on the album.

‘B.S. (Remix)’ featuring Kehlani is actually a Remi of Aiko’s original collaboration with H.E.R for the tune, ‘B.S’ but this time features Kehlani’s snazzy warm vocals. Teaming up, the pair sing about finding confidence in themselves and to move on despite being involved in a relationship that didn’t end well.

Produced by LEJKEYS and The Fisticuffs, ‘All Good’ is an unreleased song that was possibly cut off the original trackless for Aiko’s sophomore album, ‘Trip’.

‘Come On’ is one tune that doesn’t hold anything back. Honestly, this is such a delicate song with its majestic harp as Aiko allows every word to linger leaving a sensual vibe throughout.

‘On The Way’ featuring Aiko’s older sister, Mila J, marking their first collaboration. This is a tune you will definitely be familiar as it featured on the beginning of ‘P*SSY Fairy (OTW)’. Once again, this tune taps further into what ‘P*SSY FAIRY (OTW)’ entailed, as Jhene and Mila sing about their sexual desires and fantasies.

By far, ‘Tryna Smoke (Remix)’ featuring Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg is one of my favourite new tunes off the deluxe album. With the additions of Chris and Snoop, really breathes some new life into the original.

All you need to do is close your eyes, breathe deep and enjoy all the goodness this song contains. Aiko and Brown’s harmonies are glorious, just listening to them sing in harmony is like feeling the warmth of the sun on your back as you hear the waves oft he ocean roll on nearby.

‘Down Again’ featuring Wiz Khalifa is the perfect appreciation tune, Khalifa’s guest verse really adds some heat to the track.

It may be winter over here in Australia at the moment but Aiko has crafted the ultimate tune to warm up those speakers. Get ready for ‘Summer 2020’ which samples Kool & The Gangs, ‘Summer Madness’ and oozes plenty of warmer weather vibes.

Here, Aiko sings about being lovesick amid the madness in the world at the moment. Although she sings with a sense of heaviness you can hear the reassurance of the love surrounding her.

“And I feel like sometimes I cry, ’cause I feel so good to be alive, when I fall in love with my divine, I can see inside the sun shines more.’

Just need that ultimate song to chill out to at the end of a long day, go nab your copy of the deluxe edition of ‘Chilombo’ HERE.

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