All You Need To Know About Tkay Maidza’s ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2’

“The first EP was like daytime. This one is night-time.”

If you’re desperately in need of new music this week, tune into the second part of Tkay’s EP trilogy, ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol.2’, which shifts towards more heavier, sombre themes but more transparent than ever.

The EP trilogy actually progressed from a place of confusion, following her 2016 debut album.

“I was confused as to where I wanted to go next; I wasn’t ready to do a second album and I was going through a lot in terms of growing up,” Tkay said.

For Tkay, the EP was particularly personal as she revealed all sides of herself and refuses to confine herself to a box.

“I believe that by the end of the trilogy, I should understand what I want to do and people should understand that I’m not just going to be doing dance music.

“The music I’m making now is more like what I listen to, I wanted my perception and the way I feel to match up,” she said.

Although the majority of her past catalogue has remained energetic and optimistic, Vol. 2 is more herself as she delves into more darker yet real moments of her life.

“A lot of my music is uplifting; I didn’t really speak about living in a world where you can lose everything you have,” she said.

Be prepared for a jam-packed EP full of impressive production fused wit a more serious, rougher side of Tkay.

Let’s take a peek at ya gal’s top three tunes from the EP.

Setting the scene, ‘My Flowers’ is actually quite retrospective, as Tkay asks herself some rather deep questions about life, death and growing up. This tune actually evolved during the creation of Vol. 1 and follows thoughts ruminating in Tkay’s mind.

Here, she tries to make sense of life, death and everything in between but ultimately understanding that they don’t really make sense, Tkay realises that this unknown actually makes us who we are.

’24K’ just oozes confidence and instantly radiates those refreshingly crisp Kaytranda-type vibes. Nicely following on from ‘My Flowers’, this tune follows the dangers of falling into the trap of being a ‘people pleaser’ and the realisation that not everyone is going to like you.

Although at times this can be a harsh reality to confront, Tkay makes it clear that now more than ever, the importance of protecting her energy and not engaging in the negativity and narcissism that often latches itself onto success.

It wouldn’t be a Tkay record without a banger lurkin’ somewhere within its depths and ‘Shook’ is just that. This tune just bumps with its dense, fleshed-out bass and instantly delivers those reminiscent 2000s hip hop influences, particularly elements of Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and even, Timbaland.

You can just tell this is instant ‘radio material’, the contagious energy bouncing around makes you want to groove. Tkay’s lyrics perfectly synergise with the confident, energetic production as she sings about exceeding expectations when it’s least expected.

“A lot of the time people are coming out of nowhere to put a microscope on you when you don’t want one and you’re still exceeding their expectations, but they’re trying to project their own opinions onto you,” Tkay said.

Go listen to ‘Last Year Was Weird, Vol.2’ in full HERE.

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