New On The Block: Wolftyla

From creating content on Vine to working with Timbaland, Wolftyla has a signature sound like no other.

Born and raised in New York, Wolf Tyla is an LA based singer-songwriter that pivoted into music in early 2015.

Starting out studying a Business Marketing degree at New York University to a career playing basketball and creating content on multiple platforms, particularly Vine, where she released her debut singles, ‘Feels’.

‘Feels’ was a major step forward for Tyla, accumulating over 10 million streams across digital platforms which instantly boosted her presence in the music scene.

The majority of her follow-up singles have been varied including, ‘Crash’, ‘More Love’ and ‘Impressed’ to name a few.

One of ya gal’s favourites is ‘All Tinted’ which really sums up her signature sound, an up-tempo funk-pop tune.

The reason why Tyla’s music resonates is because her sound channels the simplicities of ‘feel good’ melodies and relatable lyricism while remaining playful with flavours of new-soul and pop.

She’s even already worked with some big names, collaborating with London On Da Track, as well as her most collaboration with Timbaland on ‘Candy’.

Want some new Wolftyla on your playlist right now, here are ya gal’s top three ‘must-haves’.

‘All Tinted’ celebrates the choice we can make in flipping those sour lemons into sweet lemonade. Created when Tyla was going through a break-up, although this was a low point in her life, she chose to flip the tune into something a whole lot brighter.

Tyla is up front and honest in this track, clearly expressing her value for trust, loyalty and honesty in a relationship and the struggles of finding a real one amid summertime temptations.

Produced by Mosley, Wolf and Timbaland, let’s just say ya gal is just going to let ‘Candy’ speak for itself because this one is a clear bop.

‘Butterflies’ is really just a love story told over a soulful, modern funky beat. The warm chords and rich harmonies work to articulate those butterflies you feel when you’re surrounded by someone who makes you feel good.

Tyla’s inspiration for the track stems from her personal growth, prosperity and how this transformation allows you to pour the love into future relationships.

To keep up to date with all things Wolftyla, go give her a follow on Spotify.

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